Lune West Bridge – November Update (11/11/15)

Work has resumed on lowering new Lune West Bridge. Engineers are installing the Lune West Bridge - next to the existing M6 bridge as part of the new Link Road to Heysham.

Lune West Bridge – November Update (11/11/15)

Installation of the Lune West Bridge structural steelwork was substantially completed during the summer of 2015. The central bridge span was installed with the steelwork constructed 150mm higher than its final resting level at the Pier support on each river bank. The final phase of the structural steelwork installation involved the lowering of the bridge deck down on to the piers. Work commenced on the construction of the reinforced deck during the final stages of steelwork installation at a time that would allow it to progress without interruption during the lowering process.

This is a technically challenging phase that requires a number of sequenced operations to transfer the load around the structural members until it rests in its final position and takes its final shape.  During one of these operations a load transfer occurred that was not predicted.

It was at this stage in September that the operation was stopped for further analysis and to ensure the safety of all.  Engineers have been busy revising the methodology to enable the bridge to be safely lowered in a timely manner. This has now been developed and approved by independent structural engineers.

Work has now recommenced and the operation to lower the bridge is running smoothly. Although we’ve experienced some lost time on the programme, it is one that we will be working hard to recover during the remaining duration.  We should not forget that this is one engineering challenge amongst a large number that we have successfully faced to date on the Heysham Link Road project.

Richard Helme - Construction Manager (Costain)