Morecambe Road - Traffic Management Update 13/3/15

There has been traffic light signals on Morecambe Road since Wednesday to facilitate the reconstruction of a section of Morecambe Road carriageway from 66 Morecambe Road into the middle of the current site layout. (Picture above)

All being well the lights should be removed this evening once the newly laid tarmac has cooled and the water filled-barriers can be moved to allow two-way traffic once more. Unfortunately the rain this morning led to a delay in laying the tarmac.

Traffic light signals will also be needed on Morecambe Road near Lancaster and Morecambe College entrance Monday – Wednesday 18th March.  This is for the removal of the existing carriageway followed by re-construction of the road in that section.

The next major phase change of traffic management layout will be introduced from the end of March. The changes for traffic are as follows:

  • The live carriageway of Morecambe Road will move closer to the college playing fields and run on the newly laid permanent surface that will form part of the new junction. This will straighten the current line of the temporary road and remove the bends that follow the old roundabout.
  • The location of the Hadrian Road give-way junction onto Morecambe Road will also move as part of the new set-up.
  • The pedestrian footpath will re-open on the college side of the new junction.  We will use the new dropped kerbs and islands to provide access from The Way upto the college entrance.
  • There will be no footpath available to cross the A683 bypass. The temporary pedestrian crossing will be removed. Pedestrians will need to use the new footpath located on the college side of the junction.
  • Entry onto the A683 bypass will remain the same as currently in place, traffic from Lancaster can turn left off Morecambe Road. Traffic from Morecambe must continue to the ASDA roundabout and either turnaround or take Ovangle Road for Heysham.

We will continue to monitor the traffic management once implemented.

We would encourage anyone with concerns over the changes to come see us at the Visitors Centre on Torrisholme Road on Wednesday 18th March 2015 from 4pm – 7pm when we will have representatives from the construction team available to answer queries relating to these works.